EMV Test nicht bestanden?
Ein Entwicklungsingenieur eines kleinen oder mittleren Unternehmens muss sich normalerweise auf seine
Erfahrung und bewährte Methoden verlassen, um ein EMV-konformes Produkt zu entwickeln.
Man schätzt, dass mehr als 50% der Produkte den ersten Test nicht bestehen werden.
Jedes Mal, wenn ein Ingenieur ein neues Produkt zur Konformitätsprüfung sendet, ist es ein
Schuss in der Dunkelheit.
Scheitern ist sehr teuer. Nicht nur die Wiederholungskosten sind hoch, sondern auch
Projektablauf und Markteinführung verzögern sich.

Was ist EMC pre-compliance testing?
Eine Einführung --
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Emissionen -- pre-compliance_conducted_emission_measurements.pdf [1'884 KB]

Standards -- which_standard_has_to_be_applied_for_my_produc.pdf [573 KB]

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EMC Precompliance: Testing on a budget - Part 1
Solution: Almost any electronic design slated for commercial use is subject to
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing. Any company intending to sell
these products into a country must ensure that the product is tested versus
specifications set forth by the regulatory body of that country. In the US, the
FCC specifies rules on EMC testing. CISPR and IEC are also used throughout the

EMC Precompliance: Testing on a budget - Part 2
To be sold legally, a sample of the electronic product must pass a series of
tests performed by accredited compliance companies. This full compliance testing
can be very expensive with many labs charging thousands of dollars for a single
day of testing. Testing a product for full compliance can also require specialized
testing environments and no changes can be made during the testing. Any failures
in compliance testing require that the design heads back to Engineering for
analysis and possible redesign. This can cause delays in product release and an
obvious increase in design costs.
One method to lower the additional costs associated with EMC compliance
is to perform EMC testing throughout the design process well before sending the
product off for full compliance testing. This pre-compliance testing can be very
cost effective and can be tailored to closely match the conditions used for
compliance testing. This will increase your confidence in passing compliance the
first time through, lower your test costs, and speed your time to market.

EMI Measurement with Near Field Probes
With additional options like the EMI Filter & Quasi Peak Detector and the Advanced
Measurement Kit the spectrum analyzer DSA815-TG is ideal for pre compliance tests of boards, devices and components. This allows customers to troubleshoot and test designs on
their bench without having to schedule and pay for time at a full compliance lab. The pre
testing helps engineers to stay within the EU-wide regulations for EMC already during the
design phase and prevents from very expensive re-designs. It results in reduced development
time and accelerated time-to-market.
Although the DSA815-TG does not perform exactly like a fully compliant EMC test
instrument according to CISPR 16-1-1, it is ideal for all necessary pre-tests